Tulips and Mom


“Love is the answer, and you know that for sure; love is a flower you’ve got to let grow.”-John Lennon



Dear Mom,

I see you every where in the spring time of the year when all the tulips are bursting forth after a long winter of dull muted colors, today I celebrate tip toeing through your tulips together.

I couldn’t wait to see your garden come to life with colors of red, yellow, pinks and white because that meant I could take a beautiful bouquet of tulips to my teachers but I think I mostly loved to watch you take a knife with the precision of a skilled surgeon to snip each tulip without cutting yourself as you straddled the rows of flowers without stepping of any of them.

We came into the quiet kitchen before the rest of my siblings were up and you reached for a paper towel and gently moistened it, laid the bunch of flowers upon the cool wet towel and to finish off the most beautiful yet simple offering with aluminum foil to make it look like a million bucks as I proudly grasped this treasure tightly and proudly walked into the classroom and presented our gift to my teacher… thanks for being the best mom ever.

Love and Miss You,




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