Burst forth in spring LOVE…

“We could never learn to be brave and patient if there were only joy in the world.”-Helen Keller 


Oh how I get jazzed when asparagus is abundant. So happy the prices are low so I can splurge on this delectable spring delight. I finished my shopping and made my way home to fix dinner.

I washed and started the snapping off of the woody ends that are tough. I love the feel of  the “snap” symphony in my hand.I hold the spear in my left hand while the right works in tandem to snap, toss in sink,  then the left hand gently put them on the pan all lined up ready to roast. While the asparagus was roasting I fried up some bacon. I left a wee bit of the bacon grease in my pan so I could give the spears a quick toss with some sautéed onions after roasting them. YUM

I then took my box of mushrooms and popped off the stems into the sink. While at the sink I peeled back the outer layer of the mushrooms.  No need to wash or wipe the dirt..I just peel back that layer. I got to the LAST mushroom and ba bammmm, and what to my wondering eyes should appear…but a heart shaped shroom. I have to say I giggled out loud to myself. I stopped and gave great thanks for this nugget of love message.

I started to think of the approaching season of spring after a long barren winter. Time to “clean up” my  own garden… my mind, my space, and my heart. We must prune so the good stuff has a place to take root and grow tall with all the space and nutrients they need…just like you and me.

Spring time is a time of new growth and renewal. This cooking moment in time caused me to stop and give thanks for the bounty of love I have. I am humbly grateful for all the tough peeling back of my layers and especially the “Lopper of Love” that pruned away the dead shit and crap that was weighing me down…even when I went kicking and screaming. I so appreciate all those that help me tend my garden of life…every thing is better and way more fun when we have partners in the journey.

Cheers to spring asparagus (even the weird pee smell to produces) and the beautiful Love Note in the form of a Mushroom!



One comment on “Burst forth in spring LOVE…”

  1. 🙂 Loved this wonderful Spring delight also.. I have been out in my garden this morning.. And Love that Spring is here 🙂

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