Carved Out Love…


“The course of true love never did run smooth”- William Shakespeare 

While lolly gagging my way home I looked down and noticed this heart that looked as if it had been chiseled in this wall. I seem to be directed as I go through my days to see hearts along my path, and today was no different. I don’t look for heart shapes THEY FIND ME.

This one is kinda bumpy, unnoticed, plain, hidden, and solid heart. Love is usually just like that in my world too. Sometimes awkward  and hidden in those days when I so hoped I was cool enough to be asked to the dance by my secret crush, but only to find out he asked another. When I was in that really late bloomer stage and thought no boy would like me, my older brother reassured me that not all guys are looking for big boobs.

I thought I’d found my knight in shining armor… until the day he came home and announced, “I don’t love you, I want out.” I was shocked but secretly relieved because truth be told I was miserable. Thanks Harold.Although you were the reason for my misery you also released me from it too…so for that I will be forever grateful where ever the hell you are now.

Then when the real deal love arrived. Solid as a rock. That love that says…I love you just as you are. That love that makes you want to stand tall because you know you have each other’s back, that we take the foibles along with the really good stuff and embrace it all and cherish it gently in our hands, hearts and souls. Oh my, to have the person you love simply take delight in you… there are no words to describe that feeling.

Then in a second that love changes direction…the end of the road called death. Clyde’s death didn’t stop my path of love but made it even stronger. I know that life is so fleeting that we can’t hold back our love. We must let those we love know that they are loved by our words, and our deeds. Let go of the bullshit and live life with abandon and joy…what else is there in the big scheme of life.

I have been blessed by love and I think I’m directed to my “love notes” that show up in the “hearts” I see everywhere. I’m to be a messenger of LOVE in my photos that I share. Stay present. Keep it real. Let the love in.










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