There is nowhere to go but everywhere…

By: openheartproduction

Mar 03 2016

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Focal Length:2.65mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6 Plus


“Stuff you eyes with wonder, live as if you’d die in ten seconds.See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.”-Ray Bradbury


Yesterday I was taking Joe my dog for a walk, when he decided to do his “business” I stopped to drink in the beautiful blue afternoon sky  peeking out from behind puffy white  clouds and a plane! Although I was standing between two buildings on Wayman Street in Chicago, Illinois,  I was transported to another land as I gazed upon that jet in flight

My heart beats a little faster while I ponder where my next adventure will take me…will it be Cuba, South Africa, or back to my beloved Florence, Italy? Will it be a  cross country road trip in a red convertible sports car accompanied by some of my crazy girlfriends or flying first class to places unknown with the mysterious gentleman I met in the hotel lobby over dinner and many hours of sharing stories of adventures. With a glance, a broad smile  we  decided  it was time to have  a few new  adventures… with one another.

“What the hell… we only live once” as we grabbed hands, looked at one another and burst  in laughter as we boarded that flight to nowhere, opening our eyes and heart to experience everywhere. Stay tuned for more details…. maybe 🙂







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