Happy Tax Day….

By: openheartproduction

Apr 15 2014

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“Gratitude helps you to grow and expand; gratitude brings joy and laughter into your life and into the lives of all those around you.”-Eileen Caddy


The above photo is how I mail my taxes off to be done. I save some ribbon from Christmas and stick it in my silverware drawer.When I have plowed through all my receipts to send off to my accountant, I grap the ribbon and bound up the papers along with a little note of thanks to those that will do my taxes.

I have many gifts and talents but crunching numbers isn’t one of them. I had that budding talent smushed down by Sister Toma in first grade. I walked up to her desk to ask her a question and saw the big red D by my name…Kathleen Ambrose-D-arithmedic! I was crushed and sobbed to my mom that I just didn’t get how to add numbers. At that point I checked out when it came to anything to do with working with numbers. True confession here…I still count on my fingers and sometimes my toes. This is why I have such gratitude to those that love the numbers game.

So when I am look at April 15th approaching…I stop and give great thanks for my blessings..yeah yeah..Uncle Sam will always get us coming or going but….

1. I’m happy to live in America…to be able to live free.

2. To all the people that craved out this great nation with their blood, sweat and tears…arriving from far off lands to seek freedom.

3. To have a home to live in, food on my table, and the resources to have them.

4. To those that have a mind that dreams in numbers, calculators and sharpened # 2 pencils…so my mind can dream in technicolor.photographs and mosaics.

5. Thank you to the tax preparers, accountants and their staff that work long hours and to their families that are thrilled to see April 15th come so they can see then again for dinner.

A big THANK YOU. So show a little kindness and gratitude today… instead of whining and wanking about paying taxes…we could be answering to a man named Vladimir!


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