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By: openheartproduction

Sep 25 2013

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“The wise old owl sat on an oak; the more he saw the less he spoke; the less he spoke the more he heard; why aren’t we more like that wise old owl.”– Unknown

Man there was  a bunch of jibber jabber that filled my head yesterday. It was as if “Ethel” my inner voice had jacked herself up on Redbull. She was in rare form. I thought where is this coming from…all that self doubt, fear…. totally irrational from my usual sane thinking mind.

So I thought…go workout. All the while there…my body said thank you but my mind was just not in the “zone” with me. So as I was walking back home on a beautiful sunny fall day…I was still a prisoner in my own thoughts…and they weren’t productive thoughts either.  I kept having an on going battle of the wills with “Ethel” I finally called a friend regarding another matter but I knew I needed to hear a friendly voice. I felt my tears building and one simple question from her opened the flood gates of a big old ugly cry. Out poured the fears, doubts and irrational thoughts. She reminded me of who I am. I know I do a bad version of a me when I try to be what I think I should be in the eyes of others. derrrr.

What I learned…

1.It’s ok to not have it all together… its cool to have it half together.. Show up as me…that’s enough.

2. God sends me just what I need at just the right time…when I’m open to receive it….usually in the form of my tribe..that know me and love me. Such a blessing.

3. Sit and be gentle to those places in my heart that needs to be comforted…take time to “suck your thumb” it’s cool. Self care at it’s best.

4. Be myself…vulnerable, transparent and weak…along with strong, funny and compassionate…it’s all good.

5. Breathe and repeat….Laugh and repeat….Be grateful and repeat. Give grace and repeat.

This wise old owl got the message. I will once again need to revisit this…but that’s cool…it’s called living life.

Remember to keep hearts, minds, eyes and ears opened to all the delicious messiness of  life.


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