What a ride Clyde M. Warner………

By: openheartproduction

Aug 10 2013

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“Don’t cry because is it’s over. Smile because it happened.”–Dr. Suess

 Today Clyde would be whooping up his 83rd birthday with a Crown Royal old fashion…lounging around in his blue button down collared shirt.. sleeves rolled up…with a black flair pen and 3/5 note cards (unlined) in the breast pocket, cowboy boots, blue boxer shorts. It is hard to imagine that 16 years have passed since you left this earth. 

 Here are a few thoughts about Clyde…

 His bark was worse then his bite 

He had a big sweet heart…he might deny that but I know better.

When Clyde was your friend…you had a loyal friend for life.

Taking a stand…even when it wasn’t popular..didn’t sway Clyde from standing tall in his truth, honor and integrity. He would also stand tall with you too.

He was transparent and not afraid to show his vulnerable side.

As I look at Kurt and Christina, I see Clyde in them both…not only in their looks but their beautiful hearts, loyalty, character, intelligence and wicked senses of humor. Yes I had something to do with the above too.

Clyde..keep rockin the Old Spice, those cowboy boot and Crown Royal.  Drink I toast with Ray and Vera..to a job well done and life lived large.  Oh and hey…you’ll be happy to know…I am still getting your catalogs in the mail. lol Thanks for being you and loving me being just me. I can see you up there tapping your toe saying ok honey….let’s get on it… Let love come your way again. 




One comment on “What a ride Clyde M. Warner………”

  1. ❤ to you and to a life well lived with your man. So important to just have gratitude for the time we have with those we love.

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