We all need a community in the good times and especially the tough times.

By: openheartproduction

Aug 06 2013

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“When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life you have a thousand reasons to smile.”–Unknown

The world lost a wonderful woman this week. My dear friend Dixie lost her wicked battle with cancer that she so courageously  fought. Oh Dixie how I will miss you along with a tribe of friends and family. We will ache to have your momma bear hugs and contagious laugh just one more time.

Things that make me smile as I remember Ms. Dixie…

Watching you sing with joy in the St A’s choir…You had the voice of an angel.

Cafe Cravings on Wednesday evenings after whatever activities the kids were in or us at St A’s…I remember Ali and Christina always ordering the biggest Rice Krispie treat known to man and we enjoyed our cafe latte.

Many trips to Bay Lake camp for the Women’s Island getaway…crafting, laughing, skinny dipping, swimming and playaking while talking about 101 things…I always felt better after our time on the water.

Being the 2 “single” ladies in our K-group….but we never felt like oddballs or not welcome with all the other married couples.

I loved our time as thespians on “stage” aka the alter, performing with our kids…bit parts in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and The Christmas Carol.

The many banquets, fall kick offs, kitchen duty, setting tables, serving food and then clean up.

We were there with you and for you when you and Ted divorced and you were there for me when Clyde died…caring for one another was second nature for you.

Many beautiful sunsets on White Bear Lake…be it the end of your dock or mine…smores, a bonefire and fireworks on the 4th of July.

Years of bringing in the New Year at the Sue and Tom’s…Kids were always welcome…. Who didn’t loveeeee the White Elephant gift exchange. Who does have the” Jumpin Jesus” in glass block???!!! lol

I remember sitting at Sue’s dining room table shortly after you had gotten your diagnosis of a rare form of leukemia…I was shocked and speechless..How could this be??? Not my Dixie. That seemed so long ago…you rallied like the trooper you were.

The last time and the most precious time we had together was a beautiful set up at Caribou coffee  by  Sweet Kate. I thought I was going to meet her and when I walked in and saw Dixie…we squealed and hugged. We hunkered down in the over stuffed chairs in front of the fireplace and commenced catching up on life. It is a day I will treasure forever. When I looked at her I saw a strong vital woman…full of life, love and joy!

What a blessing to be a part of a community that carried us when we couldn’t carry ourselves.

Kate and Ali…you had the best role model of a mom…we don’t always get it right…that parenting thing…but never doubt your mother’s undying love for you both. We as a community will live on and honor the memory of our dear Dixie by living a life full of love, laughter and joy…that I know is what she wants from us all.

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