If not me….then who?

By: openheartproduction

Jul 09 2013

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” If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.”– Albert Einstein 

I came across this picture which really made me think of the great grand projects we did as kids. Future entrepreneurs or just lusting over a trip to Swan Drug store to cash in on some penny candy. If nothing else we were always looking for something to do when our mothers sent us out the door and said…Go Play…and we wouldn’t get back in the house except to go to the bathroom. Vera always seemed to be “mopping the kitchen floor” so we had to stay out as to not track in on the wet floor. haha 7 kids = a messy tracked over kitchen floor. As a mother I so understand her moments of peace.

 I’m taking an e-course called Start a Foolish project..offered by the amazing Andrea Scher. We are her first students and it is such fun to dig into those places from our childhood to see where our passions and joy started to be cultivated. 

We had many lemonade stands, lawn mowing, snow shoveling. One of my favorites was the day we took my dad’s shoe shine kit ( those were the days men had such a thing and we all knew how to buff out a wing-tip) and went down the alley to Kelly’s Circle Tap. We sat out in front of the bar and offered to shine shoes as they were leaving. I can’t tell just how many shoes we actually shined…if any..but we made a haul. Great customers and rather generous. I think if Ray ever knew this he’d not have too pleased but it was great fun.

What fun,wild and crazy…or quiet and contemplative project have you done or have thought about doing lately? I am still incubating mine…but watch out Chicago and friends of mine…ya know i’ll be dragging you all into my project…cuz that’s how I roll. The more the merrier. 




One comment on “If not me….then who?”

  1. Love this photo!!!!!!! And can’t wait to hear about your crazy project. Cheering you on from across the ocean. Alison

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