Professors in my quest for a PHD in life…


Every person with whom you interact is a part of the person you are becoming. Not a single interaction with a single person is left out of the process of your becoming. Many assume that only pleasing relationships have value, but that is not the case. Your awareness in an unwanted situation evokes from you a different vibrational request for something different. And so, even those uncomfortable interactions with others form the vibrational basis of your expansion.”–Ester Hicks


I went to get donuts at the Donut Vault and saw this as I was waiting. How many times have we felt both of those emotions. Love/Hate. Both intense and both get us pumped up.

Nothing better then being the recipient of love…feeling all rainbow and butterflies. Maybe a sweet sloppy kiss from a toddler, dog, or your spouse, the warmth of a hand that is holding yours, a compliment from a boss, hitting that sweet it tennis, baseball or in loving making, the completion of a project, FINALLY, or a hand written card of thanks from a dear friend. Those people that make you smile and your heart sing.

But then there are those that have pissed us off, hurt us, lied to us, cheated on us, kept us at arms length, brought us down and delighted in keeping us there, left us. There is no rainbows and butterflies…more like roaches, snakes, and spiders.

I guess I have to admit, the latter has been where I have learned my greatest life lessons and had the largest leaps of growth as a person. They have helped me pass exam after exam on my way to that PHD. I will be a student for and of life…I love my classroom…even those “professors” that brought out a side of me that wasn’t very pretty but I eventually pulled myself back up…throw my shoulders back, shook my hair back into place, slapped on my fav. lipstick (WnW 525) and a smile! 🙂 on to my next life class. Yes, Oprah, I too  can teach one of your classes.

Today I give thanks to ALL my professors of life that have gotten me to this place in my life…my beautiful messy life….and I wouldn’t have it any others way. Peace out for now…Have a great weekend.



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