Never give up………

FL020009, a photo by kathleen marie1 on Flickr.

“Keep on going, and the chances are that you will stumble on to something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I never heard of anyone even stumbling on something sitting down.”– Charles Kettering

I so love a good booming lightening and thunder storm! This night the lightening was amazing so I thought I’d try to capture a lightening strike in a photo. Well, easier said then done when you are trying to hold an umbrella…keep your camera lens dry, and time the strikes just ahead of them.
I just balanced my camera as still as I could on the railing and shot pictures like a crazy person. When I was throughly drenched, standing with a wind blown inside out umbrella and a dry camera, I figured I’d call it quits as did the storm.
I shot 70 pictures. I down loaded them and deleted 69 when I was over joyed to see I had a clear shot of lightening strikes! I’m glad I didn’t call it quits when the rain really came.. along with the wind.
The storm taught me lessons on photography but also about life… just keep shooting or moving forward, or staying strong in life….don’t give up… because it is a beautiful thing to “stumble” on or into the sweet spot you were supposed to be.
Today just hang in there…take a deep breath and stay strong. It is a journey worth taking especially when we feel like giving up.

One comment on “Never give up………”

  1. you are amazing and talented and show me your joy! Thank you the picture is beautiful1

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