To every woman that has loved someone more than herself…Happy Mother’s Day

By: openheartproduction

May 12 2012

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“No one who has ever brought up a child can doubt for a moment that love is literally the LIFE GIVING fluid of human existence.”– Smiley Blanton

Today I want to pay homage to all the women that have stepped up to adopt children. What would we do without women that yearned and had an opened heart to be a mother and had the courage to say YES! As any parent knows…raising kids is not for the faint of heart.

I want to give thanks for Diane Adair Landes for being the best possible mother I could have prayed for to be the mother of the little boy I gave birth to as a scared 19 yr old. I had all the love to be a good mother to him, financially I could have given him what he needed, but I wanted this sweet innocent baby to have had what I had…a loving mother AND father. So with a heavy heart I placed him in the loving arms of people I trusted to find the best parents for him. I never wanted that family to ever worry or look back over their shoulders and wonder if I would want my baby back. I knew in my head it was the best for him…but it took years for my heart to catch up with my head.

It was a time when no one spoke of the baby or adoption. There was a hole in my heart and an incomplete circle I could never forget. I prayed he was loved and well cared for. I had to place my trust in the hands of God. I would gravitate to every movie, magazine article regarding adoption… be it through the eyes of the birth mother or adopted mother. Some were happy stories and some were frightening…and each one kept my yearning to wonder if he was ok and in the loving care of a family that took delight in him.

Through divine intervention and a wonderful turn of events…I reconnected with this baby who was then a 19 year college student. The morning we met at the Egg n I in Minneapolis was one of great excitement for me. I was calm and when I walked into the diner I saw a tall handsome young man that looked like me. I went over hugged him, sat down and we just started talking. We shared stories about our families and looked at photos. This is such a fun wild story it may take many more blog enters to fill you in.

The most beautiful part of the story is simply this incredible family that he landed in the loving arms of. I like to refer to them as prayers answered “on crack!” I had the honor of meeting the family and they embraced me. I was honored every Mother’s Day as they started the day. All those years of feeling sad and guilt-ridden disappeared once I was able to think of the family that was blessed with this gift called David.

Diane and I have become friends as women and as David’s 2 Mommys. So today I want to give great thanks to her as David’s Mom. I gave David life, Diane gave him a life…and for that I will be forever grateful. He is now 37, married to  Asa and the father of Nils and Timmy, 2 beautiful tow-headed blonde sons. I am truly blessed beyond blessed.

Cheers to you Diane Adair Landes….you are one rockin Momma!



One comment on “To every woman that has loved someone more than herself…Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. Love what you have written. When I first looked at the pic, I thought the woman could have been your mother but I now she’s been gone for a while. There is quite a resemblance between the three of you.

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