Thoughts from a 4th grader……

By: openheartproduction

Mar 19 2012

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Camera:Canon EOS REBEL T2i


“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”–e.e. cummings

WOW, WOW and triple WOW…I had no idea I had this photo! Does it bring back memories of summers in Davenport, Iowa. Dad’s Club softball…good times! This was the first team I was on. I was the youngest player along with Mary Pat Schmitt…I think I was 10 or 11. Most of the girls were  5th and 6th graders. I think Mr. Cowherd must have picked me ( his daughter Sheryl was one of my best friends)

This is what I remember and what I learned from this experience.

It helps to have an in with the coach.

I am a team player…I came out of the womb a part of a team.

Although I didn’t get much playing time, I still was at every practice and every game.

I learned that being a fast runner made up for not hitting the ball into the outfield. I always made it to first.

I learned even though I wrote with my left hand..I did everything else with my right hand. I guess that makes my multi talented.

One day Rita would realize I was a good softball player…humm, I don’t think she was ever on a city championship team…Love ya Rita! Do you think we are a tad bit competitive???

It was so exciting to see our team picture in the Times Democrat newspaper..see the photo above.

I had 3 of the nicest coaches there was..Mr Cowherd, Mr Anderson and Mr. Nelson. High five to all those devoted parent/coaches that put in lots of hours to make  that 4th grader, and on through the years… a well rounded person.

I felt like I was on a cloud for a few days…then reality sets in..and I’m picked last again for the neighborhood pick up game of whiffle ball.

Here’s to the joy of playing on a team…any team…Builds character! We all needed one another to make the “magic” happen that beautiful night at Vander Veer Park softball fields.



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