Remembering my days with Davey Jones…..

By: openheartproduction

Mar 01 2012

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“Everybody needs his memories. They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door.”– Saul Bellow


Ahhhh those days back in 7th and 8th grade living in Davenport, Iowa. Relatively carefree but when you are a 12 or 13 year old girl no matter where you are from.. you are filled with puppy love torment. Mostly in our dreamy minds…just knowing that one day Davey Jones would take the last train from Clarksville directly to 1721 Fillmore and sweep my off my feet…and my Dad and Mom would be so ok with that…hahaha. I spent alot of times with Davey, Peter, Michael and Micky that summer between 7th and 8th grade.

Along with my partners in crime and Dad’s Club softball team mates..Teresa Koch, Carol Smeaton, Mary Jean Walsh that summer was magical. Back then we knew NO ONE that had a color television BUT (God love her) Grandma Koch had one!!! She was a rockstar and didn’t even know it. With some good Catholic school girl sweetness…we asked her if we could come over after practice to watch the Monkees. Not only did she welcome us to plop down in her  living room but she usually had something for us to eat too along with a Pepsi. She would sit and watch with us but I’m sure would have rather been watching paint dry then the Monkees but I think she just enjoyed our company.

So this is how our evening would start…I’d walk from my house and pick up Mary Jean. We then both walked to get Teresa who lived right across the street from the park where softball practice was. Carol would get a ride because she lived to far to walk. So we’d play our hearts out..sweaty, dusty and giddy as we anticipated watching our dream boys in technicolor!!!

Grandma Koch only lived a few blocks from the park so this “Fab Four” would have all “borrowed” cigarettes from our parents packs and sit behind a bush and smoke cigs and try to blow smoke rings. My Phillip Morris Multifilters produced no smoke rings ..only coughing and hacking. We thought we were sooo cool and so much older then we were. After we finished we rang the doorbell and off to fantasy land we went watching the Monkees sing, dance and be crazy fun.

It was a great run…that summer. I think we had a pretty good softball season but more importantly, we build fun memories as friends and music lovers. Music still takes me to a place that warms my heart. The songs are like mental “journeying” my timeline of life.

Take some time to pay homage to those voices and instruments that have shaped our memories. RIP Davey…thanks for the memories. You have helped me be a “Daydream Believer”


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