Break free to love….

By: openheartproduction

Jan 24 2012

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Focal Length:23mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS REBEL T2i


“Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”– Rumi

This quote really made me stop and ponder my journey to love. Be it finding a mate, or simply loving one another. What can I learn from Rumi’s words? It’s time to go inward for a “love health checkup”

Time to let go of the past “messages” of deficiency..the “you’re NOT_______” ( fill in the blank) and hold on to the gifts I was born with. Time to honor those and let the other bullshit bye…here’s your hat…what’s your hurry. I’m going to look for the best in me so I can see and seek the best in others.

Time to take a stand and proclaim my love for me, myself and I. I can’t give the much deserved  love to others if I’m not madly in love with myself first. I decided to stand in that truth this past year. I accept and love every flaw, seeming imperfection as it is what makes me me. A unique, one of a kind beautiful person….just the way I am.

It’s time we women support and lift one another up instead of being catty and jealous. Celebrate where we have come! It is my legacy to my kids and to the world. Love openly and without fear or judgement. You are loved just because you are YOU. The world desperately needs people to come together for the greater good. Realize we are more alike then we are different. We all want the best for our kids, our city, our country and the world….no matter what culture, color, language we came from. We are all children of God.



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