Baby steps….

By: openheartproduction

Jan 20 2012

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Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS REBEL T2i

“It’s hard for many to imagine, but having fun, feeding your passions and engaging your talents are simple steps that will take you to the bigger answers you seek.”– Johnathon H. Ellerby

Wow it seems like only yesterday Kurt and Deena were taking their very first “baby” steps in those little shoes. No stuffy and constricting Stride Rites for the Warner kids..the “cool” factor in footwear still prevails in their world!

Their first steps were wobbly, off balance,grasping for support along the way ( be it Mom or Dads hand or a wall), slowly, 1 step or “shuffle” forward..then another, and then Ba Bamm, down they went. But that didn’t stop them. A kiss from me and they were back at it. Learning how to manuver this thing called walking.

There was nothing more delightful then to watch them “get it”! Then it was on to running…but not without some scrapes and bruises along the way. Baby steps lead to another and another…even some “leaps of faith” but mostly life is about putting one foot in front of another and giving it your best shot.

No matter the age or stage we are at in life, we go back to those “baby steps” to help us make those tough decisions…take the hand of a supportive friend, hold on until you feel steady, head up shoulders back and forward motion. Feeling the joy and satisfaction of a job well done. Slow and steady as it goes!


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