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By: openheartproduction

Jan 10 2012

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Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 4

“Playing SAFE is probably the most unsafe thing in the world. You cannot stand still. You must go forward.”– Robert Collier

I love to happen on to Bansky art. His stuff is so cool and weirdly realistic. Many thoughts went through my mind as I was gazing at this wall. First it reminded me of that scene in the Untouchables when the baby stroller was catapulting down the steps at Union Station. As I watched that scene I gasp loudly and my heart raced thinking about what the outcome would be. As a mother…that is a nightmare scenario.
My next thought went to the days as kids we would slide down the wood steps and giggle with every single bump of the steps. The closer we got to the bottom, the more our asses were in pain the more fun it was. We would do the same thing riding down the terrace at 1721 on piece of plastic and hope we didn’t go too fast and end up in the middle of Fillmore St with a car approaching…which always added to the excitement.
Life looks a lot like this wall when it comes to how I live my life or make decisions. I’m either all in or out! Conquering those fears that hold me back.

At the top of the “steps” where it is safe, or deciding to just trust myself and GO FOR IT! No looking back and second guessing my decision. Don’t get my wrong…I’m not a crazy woman that doesn’t think things through or process them with others, but I know they can only walk me to the “edge”, I’m the one that has to decide. I’m so blessed to have people that “get me”. It is a true gift to have  friends that let you just “be”, even when it is kinda scary and freaky to watch and trust the process. I call it getting ready to go into ” battle” of sorts. Ego vs Heart, Fear vs Courage, and Answers vs Faith. I have fought the hard fight and came through on the other side victorious.
Sometimes it’s ok to let “baby” out of the corner and fly….


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