W is for “What’s the Worst that could happen?…

By: openheartproduction

Sep 09 2011

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Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS REBEL T2i



“Take risks: if you win, you will be happy: if you lose you will be wise.”– Author Unknown

This has been my go to question when processing decisions with myself, my kids and friends. Sometimes we get so caught up in over thinking a change, risk, or decision we freak ourselves out and just walk away from it. Maybe don’t look at the “big picture” quite yet as it can be overwhelming…one step at a time…break it down and move forward. Trust yourself and your capabilities. I’m all for having your own “board of directors” that you trust to give it to you straight, encourages you and  wants nothing but the best for you.

When I decided to sell our home and move to Italy with no idea how to go about moving to another country, I trusted the peace I felt about it and  I asked myself…what is the worst that can happen? We move there and LOVE it or we decide it wasn’t for us, we’d return to start a new life back in the States.I’d never look back and say…”Oh gee…do you remember when we ALMOST moved to Italy…but we didn’t.” It was a grand experience. But a risk doesn’t have to involve something like that. Change comes in all shapes and sizes. As long as we continue to move forward and rock our world!

I hope your weekend if full of “WOW” moments of new discovery and a wee bit of risky business…or at least some “monkey” business. Peace out for now.


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