I is for Inspiration….

By: openheartproduction

Aug 22 2011

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Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 4

“Get excited and enthusiastic about your own dream. The excitement is like a forest fire… you can smell it, taste it and see it from a mile away.”– Denis Waitley

Who or what do look to for your inspiration? Are you feeling low on the inspiration scale today? Some days we have to pump up the inspire “jam” and go out to look for something to excite us…or maybe it is your enthusiasm that is just what the person next to you needed. They see you rockin your day with a pep to your step and thought…if that dude can do it..so can I. Maybe you have music that inspires you to make that workout a little more tolerant…or you think of your friend that just lost his wife to cancer and gets out there every year to support the cause to find a cure for cancer…the fellow worker that was let go from her job yet still made her way to each and every one of you to say her goodbyes with her head up high and not a nasty word spoken toward her boss….or the teacher that always stocks up on extra school supplies for the kids that don’t have any without making a big deal about it.

Inspiration comes in many different shapes and sizes…stay present to drink in all the beautiful inspirational people that pass your way today..maybe share with them how they live their lives is a real inspiration to you and thank them for being who they are.



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