“Truth is is a deep kindness that teaches us to be content in our everyday life and share with the people the same happiness.”– Kahil Gabran

I just returned from a week in Minnesota. There was heat index and humidity that topped even the Rain Forest during my visit. This steam heat weather is hitting most of the midwest with vengeance. We want warm weather in the dead of winter…and then want cooler weather in the heat of summer. Are we ever satisfied.

I watched this polar bear at the zoo…try to find his sweet “contented” spot. He rejoices in the snow and cold waters of Canada but he is now in a zoo in St Paul Minnesota…. he loves his feeding time and a cold dip in his pool with his buddy bear.  How do we find our contentment?Are we always looking for the quick fix or using so much energy chasing money, relationships, and that next “high” we forget to just sit and be. Maybe this isn’t so bad….maybe I have all I need right here….how much do I really need to live a peaceful, contented life? I have a family that loves me…I have my health…I have a roof over my head…hummmm that is a pretty sweet deal I have going on right here….without chasing anything.

Try to make the best of your day and the weather today…think ICE and SNOW! Say a little prayer for those that work outside in this weather…enjoy all the lust green grass and flowers that have “flourished” in this weather. Give thanks for the person that invented air conditioners….I’ll see you out there making snow angels before you know it. :o)



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