Drink from the “cup” of love….

By: openheartproduction

Jun 27 2011

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Focal Length:34mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS REBEL T2i


“Do you know what happens to you when you haven’t had a drink of love?

Nasty weather spreads across your face until your eyes cloud with such sadness that children become frightened; and, even your own mirror won’t look back at you.

The creatures around you, begin to worry about your lonliness; and soon birds assemble in the tops of the trees wondering what songs they might sing to bring solace to your soul.

Even the angels become alarmed by your heedless rush to war with anyone; and, you’re gathering stones to hurl at the innocent…, and, at yourself.

I see what happens to you when you haven’t been drinking love, carousing among friends of forgiveness, the the taverns of love.

You step further and further back analyzing, calculating, ferreting out the hidden clauses you’re convinced are there in the simplest conversations.

You weight each word like a dead fish.

You grab your cockeyed ruler of yours; and, from your darkness begin to measure the angles in a radiant heart you once trusted.

This is how you get, my dear, when you foolishly refuse to drink from love’s hand.

This is why the teachers of simplicity urge us: keep remembering GOD, keep remembering GOD, keep remembering…so that you will come to know that GOD IS HERE, gently watching, sweetly waiting for you to accept help.

And this is why Hafiz calls to you, “Come, come, bring your cup. I have an endlessly leaking barrel of light and laughter which the Beloved has strapped to my back; and I want, more than all the world, to quench your thirst.”

Drink this freedom and you will know that the sanest, happiest, rickest amongst us are those who want nothing more then to give love.– Hafiz


All I can say is WOW!  I have never read or heard anything that describe me…and if truth be known all of us. We walk through life like the “walking wounded” because as humans we have experienced hurt, betrayal, disappointment, exhaustion, doubt, resentment…and on and on.

I had the joy of attending a program at my church where an incredible man delivered this message of  God= energy, grace….God as verb… as love. All He wants is to love us…and then we can pass it on to others. Let go of the blocks that prevent us from living a full life of love. We are to be in relationship…not out there floundering lonely, lost, and hopeless.

I loved Terry’s description of love untouched by fear, anger,etc. If we wanted to feel that energy he said hold a 2 month old baby just as they are getting ready for nap time…having them fall asleep peacefully on your chest or your arms. Contentment, peace, relaxed, trusting… pure love. There is not a sweeter experience to have then just that. You can FEEL their energy of love for you.

So I hope today we can look for the cup of love to drink from…and maybe buy a “round” for your friends.


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