By: openheartproduction

Jun 14 2011

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Focal Length:5.86mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

    “When you reach the heart of life you shall find beauty in all things.even in the eyes that are blind to beauty.”– Kahil Gibran

I was taking a walk in my neighborhood with a friend of mine one day when this old grate caught our eye. He knew I’d got crazy for this and find it beautiful! And he was right. I think the shade of green peeling paint mixed in with the rust is stunning: as is the scroll pattern of the metal. What’s not to love about urban beauty.

Some times we go through our days…head down…hands in pocket. .. on phone..totally disengaged with your surroundings. I got so excited this week when I first heard the familiar “cheep” of a cardinal and low and behold…a cardinal was feasting at the feeder of my makeshift tree aka dead branch on my deck. I guess like kids and men…”if you feed them they will come”. hah

Today look around when you are out or in for something new..or old…that catches your eye..maybe stirs up a happy memory. Be it an old rusty “something” ( I like to think of rust as the new “neutral”), a flower, bird, bridge, person…take some time to engage and be present…I can’t wait to hear what you saw.



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