Hot summer afternoon, worn work boots and a gin ‘n lemonade…

By: openheartproduction

May 25 2011

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Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS REBEL T2i

“So live that your memories will be part of your happiness.”

When ever I walk by a construction site or see a new patch of concrete being laid, I can’t help but think of my Dad. He not only was a teacher and a coach 9 months out of the year but he worked summers as a cement finisher. Into the closet went his white shirts and ties and out came his knee pads, hard hat and tool bag.

He worked along side an interesting cast of characters. There was “Big John” who lived on a farm with his mother and come corn harvesting time…John would appear bright and early at the backdoor with 2 gunnie sacks filled to the brim with fresh picked corn.( that was the day all 7 of us were held “prisoner” at home until all the corn was cleaned, blanched and bagged in the freezer) and Jack Heddinger aka Jackie baby as my Mom loved to call him. Pete Bushma who was also a Dad with lots of kids and a garage full of old ice skates…so when we out grew ours we just went to Pete’s garage or basement and traded up.

The crew laid the floor in the first Mc Donald’s out on Brady Street so of course I thought Dad owned it and couldn’t understand why we just couldn’t go and eat there for free….”gee wiz…you did help build it Dad!” Still to this day I remember taking walks with my Dad and he’d point out the sidewalks he had poured and laid the cement. Maybe that is why I can’t resist leaving my “mark” in wet cement.

I always remember those late summer afternoons playing whiffle ball in the backyard about the time Dad arrived home from work. He’d get out of the car with his hard hat in hand, his once white tee shirt was filled with concrete grim as were his work pants. He was tanned and tired and moved slowly to the glider on the patio where my Mom arrived with a nice cold drink for them both. It was the first time either of them probably sat down all day to relax. One of us might come over and untie Dad’s boots and try with a little help from him to get his boots off. Ray and Vera sat and chatted about their day. It was a little look into their world as “couple” and not just parent. They had that something “special”… no overt displays of affection but a solid loving relationship. They honored one another.

Go out today and make a memory and if your parents are still around…call them.


One comment on “Hot summer afternoon, worn work boots and a gin ‘n lemonade…”

  1. This was just perfect, Kathy! A beautiful memory and a nice glimpse at the private man that your family shared with all us yahoos at Assumption.

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