To lead or be led….

By: openheartproduction

May 16 2011

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     “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.”– John Quincy Adams

We in Chicago are getting ready for the “changing of the guard”…Mayor Daley will be replaced by Mayor Emmanuel. Thank you Mr Daley for 22 years of leading the city. Some like him, some don’t, but I appreciate his years of service.

I was at a workshop many years ago and was asked by the facilitator …”do you think you are a leader?” …I immediately answered “heck no!”  I don’t feel the need or want to to be the one leading the charge, in front of the room handing out the orders. She was very surprised to hear me say that. She knew me and saw me differently then I saw myself.

I took some time and really pondered my leadership style. I realized I was a “behind the scene” leader. I was good at encouraging, seeing others skills and having them use their gifts. When I thought of leaders I thought of George Patton, Winston Churchhill types. Although they were great leaders, I know I didn’t look good in the green fatigue/  tank mode of leadership.

I know the importance of being a strong leader as a parent, especially a single parent. Setting boundries, teaching the fundamentals of right and wrong, along with the consequences. I called upon the way my parents raised 7 kids and asked myself, “How would Ray and Vera handle this?” I gathered my “board of directors” aka my close friends and family for counsel. I learned to trust myself and my decisions also encouraged my kids and others to do the same. I know I must have laughter, good music, strong coffee, sometimes a change os scenery to think, and most of all lead with passion and joy.

Embrace your strength as a leader whatever  your style may be. Be flexible and adaptable because that is the way life “leads” us. I hope we can replace tyrannical leadership and have more adaptive leadership in the world and in our homes and workplace. We need to lead some days and other days, we need to be a part of a team and be that team player. “Derrick Rose” and Bulls your day today! Love being part of this great city of Team Chicago. 🙂


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