Things I wished I could have asked…..


“Live you life from your heart. Share from your heart. And your story will touch and heal people’s souls.” Melody Beattie

We all just celebrated Mother’s Day this past Sunday. Giving thanks for all the wonderful women that have help mold and guide us on our paths. Be it Moms, Grandmothers, Aunts, sisters, friends that have mothered us when we needed that gentle hug or an in your face accountability “sit down”, mothers that loved so much they placed their baby in the loving arms of a mother that couldn’t conceive. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Our mother died way to soon and the 7 of us miss her greatly. Vera had a cackle of a laugh that I have proudly inherited. She ran the household with an iron fist when need be or a gentle hug or word of encouragement just when both were needed. She was one that didn’t wait til Dad got home to “take care of business” She was that incredible normal mom.

I loved being “sick” but not too sick on those days I got to stay home from school. I would wait until I heard all the rest leave for school and I’d tip top down the steps and ask if I could lay on the couch and the answer was always yes. There was something magical about listening to my mom go through her day. She wasn’t one that hovered over you but was always within ear shot if she was needed.

First she finished her coffee while running water to wash the breakfast dishes. Next came laundry time. the hamper emptied and down the stairs to the basement where the washer/dryer was.When I say basement, I mean basement. Cement floors, walls that looked like the Roman ruins. It always smelled slighty musty and as kids we fears that dreaded possibility of coming face to foot with a big ol waterbug! With 9 people there was mountains of laundry to do daily.

Then came her DAILY pilgrimage to the store for bread and milk. Once home, it was folding a mountain of clean laundry time on the kitchen table. Life happened at our kitchen table. Babies were bathed at the kitchen sink then  lotioned, powdered, and dressed at the table, homework was done at the table, bread dough was rolled out at the table, card playing into the wee hours when Grandma Ambrose came to town ( her favorite lines were..”Who delt this mess?”  and “I have a hand like a foot.”) lively dinner discussions always. The kitchen table was the center of love in our home.

Dinner may have been meatloaf or spaghetti with meatballs..all I know was while listening from the coziness of the living room couch, I always felt that love and closeness to my mother, hoping one day I could be a Mom just like her. I wanted my kids to know that same warm special closeness of being “sick” and knowing they could stay home and have their mom there. I know how incredibly fortunate I was to have been able to live that dream of being a Mom.

Things I’d love to ask my Mom…what was I like as a kid? Did you see something “special” in me? How did you manage 7 kids????  Was there a time that you really feared that one of us was heading in a wrong direction? When did you know Dad was the “one”? What was that prayer you prayed for us kids? The list is endless.

So when my kids say to me…”Gawddd Mom, I have heard that story a million times!” ..they will know why it is so important for me to share those stories because the stories are my legacy that I pass on to them and they will past on to their kids. Don’t wait to share your story with words, pictures, movies or writing.

Today let’s give thanks for our “life” story we are writing by living it.


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