You are not alone when the storms of life hit…

     “In our lives there is bound to come some pain, surely as there is storms and falling rain; just believe that the one that brings storms will bring the sun.”

We in the midwest have been hit by a barrage of wicked spring weather. Gray skies, cold temps, whipping winds and tornadic activity and general blahhh feelings. What happened to spring?

This weather seems almost appropriate  this week for those of Christian belief….This is Holy Week. It was indeed a dark time, Jesus crucifixion, leading up to Easter Sunday when Jesus rose from the dead. He died so that may live life forgiven and loved.

Jesus survived betrayal, ridicule and being a cast off. He was a rebel, a teacher, storyteller, and lover of all he met. He stepped out of that comfort zone of familiar to be with the whores, beggars and sinners. He loved them all. He was  about inclusion and not exclusion.

We know the sun will shine again. Today lets go through our day bringing Christ’s message on earth. Bring kindness, understanding and your Light into some ones dark day.


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